Satanic Games Witchcraft, Voodooism, Occultism, Demonology




Satanic Games Witchcraft, Voodooism, Occultism, Demonology: They Are Blowing the Minds Of Your Children!

The tragedy of the century and perhaps the most vicious assault in all human history is right now taking place, in the most subtle and pernicious form ever designed by the powers of darkness, aimed directly at the destruction of the character and minds of the youth. In operation for several years through the art of fantasy games such as “Dungeons & Dragons,” these wicked devices are becoming more bold, more brazen, more bizarre with every passing month. Unchecked by law, and unhindered by an aroused populace, these so-called “games” are sweeping across our land like a prairie fire, and far more deadly.

After an exhaustive research one commission, the Christian Life Ministries, tells the naked truth through these incisive comments: “Dungeons & Dragons, instead of a game is a teaching on demonology, witchcraft, voodoo, murder, rape, blasphemy, suicide, assassination, insanity, sex perversion, homosexuality, prostitution, Satan-worship, gambling, jungian psychology, barbarism, cannibalism, sadism, desecration, demon summoning, necromantics, divination, and many more teachings, brought to you in living color direct from the pit of hell.” Terrific words! Unbelievable, do you say?

I thought so, too, until I made a study of these anti-Christ systems. It is as if Satan has waited until now to release his most damning assault against the human race, making the children and young people the prime target. Here is a method of soul-destruction which appears, first, as something which is helpful in guiding the participants (players) into an understanding of the forces at work among the peoples of the earth, but which is designed to capture the minds of the players with an obsession to engage in whatever is required of them in pursuit of the goals, which are the controlling elements in the game. Very early in the games they lose complete control of themselves and become pawns in the hands of the devil; and if the players are involved through certain stages of this psychological jungle, they find themselves partaking of every kind of evil, even blasphemy itself! Language used in these guide books, describing certain intimate parts of the human body cannot be described in this family newspaper.

“Dungeons & Dragons” has already destroyed many lives. Those who have been entrapped by it may never be the same again. They may never know the meaning of a normal, healthy life, morally or mentally! And, now a growing list of new “games” are appearing on the market, some far more blasphemous than D & D. The devils games, they are; and many of us have learned that when we play a game with Satan, we always lose! There is only one way we can win over Satan, and it is stated in this Scripture: “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

This resistance is in the power of the risen Christ. The creator of one of these wicked games, Dave Hargrave, said: “Its deliberately gruesome. You have to blow a hole through the video shell the kids are encased in. They are little zombies. They do not know what pain is. They have never seen a friend taken out of a body bag. They’ve got to understand that what they do has consequences. The world is sex, it is violence.

Its going to destroy most of these kids when they leave TV-land.” Statistics released by the news media, over three million Americans are playing D & D. The industry is grossing over 400 million dollars this year! It is shocking that many schools are using these evil games. Because of vigorous protests by concerned parents and other citizens, some have withdrawn these Fantasy Role Playing games. Many public libraries, also, have stocked their shelves with this garbage. Just the other day, in Pinellas County, Florida, the Dunedin library was approached by a Christian citizen, requesting that the games be removed.

Next day they were removed! Gary North, author of “None Dare Call It Witchcraft,” stated: “After years of study of the history of occultism, after having researched a book on the subject, and after having consulted with scholars in the field of historical research, I can say with confidence, these games are the most effective, most magnificently packaged, most profitably marketed, most thoroughly researched introduction to the occult in mans recorded history.” ~ From Capital Voice